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Aviation Survival Technologies (251) 639-9354
Aviation FAA Approved Liferafts and Equipment

Aviation Survival Life Rafts

Aviation Survival Technologies features a variety of types of Aviation Survival Life Rafts, TSO Corporate Jet Life Rafts, Aviation Survival Equipment and Marine Survival Equipment. Located in Mobile Alabama, Aviation Survival Technologies provides Aviation Survival Life equipment all over the United States, the Caribbean, and other locations upon request.

Aviation Survival Technologies provides only the best FAA approved Aviation Survival Life Rafts, including Winslow Life Rafts, Switlik One-Man Life Rafts, and Revere Life Rafts.

We also keep in stock a number of pieces of life-support equipment and personally assemble many of the kits featured on this site, including our best selling AST Overwater Survival Pouch w/ Enhanced Signals (PLB & Laser Flare)

We order our life rafts directly from the vendor to ensure that the items are not out of date and that they meet current safety specifications. We deliver the items purchased directly to your address.

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