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Quality life rafts are essential aviation and boat safety equipment. Having one of these survival items can be a matter of life and death for you and those you’re with. Practicing survival techniques is still crucial for knowing what to do if something goes wrong, but having the right life raft will offer greater security in the situation and a better chance of getting to safety fast.

Winslow Liferafts have been rated #1 in every test conducted by The Aviation Consumer, a critically acclaimed publication, since 1994 when they conducted the first ever exhaustive testing and review of aviation life rafts.  “The Winslow Liferaft is our first choice… by a large margin.”

There are many considerations when purchasing a liferaft. If you have any questions about which liferaft best fits your needs for your flying environment or what options are available, give me a call. When you call, you will talk to me.

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