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  Designed for the military - The single person life raft to choice for flight over water.cpr-feature.jpgWinslow FAUL





Winslow Life Rafts For Part 91 G.A. 

The Winslow aviation life rafts are the number one choice for General Aviation Pilots. They are lighter, smaller, and the quality is reflected in the many testings and reviews done that places the Winslow life raft well above the others!

Winslow Life Rafts For Commercial w/ TSO Requirements

WINSLOW™ has been rated #1 in every test conducted by The Aviation Consumer, since 1994, when the brutally critical publication conducted the first ever exhaustive testing and review of aviation life rafts. Their conclusion, "The WINSLOW is our first choice...by a large margin."
Re-Certification is every three years on Winslow's vacuum sealed liferafts!

Revere Life Rafts For Part 91 G.A.

Looking for the best FAA Approved liferaft or TSO liferaft available today? Look no further. The Revere Aero Elite has every bell and whistle possible and is the lightest weight raft in its class starting at just 45 lbs! The Aero Elite offers both crew and passengers easy usage when facing the stress of a life threatening situation as opposed to other liferafts that can be difficult to lift and transport at the time of need. Vertical bulkheads inside divide the tube into two independent air-holding compartments. If one compartment is punctured, the other keeps you afloat. Annual Re-Certification recommended on Revere life rafts

Switlik Life Rafts ISPLR TSO Single Person Life Rafts

The ISPLR was designed to provide a lightweight single person life raft to meet a variety of missions. Available to the general aviation market, the ISPLR has become the safety device of choice for the USCG Rescue Swimmer. The re-certification requirement is five years on the Switlik TSO Life Rafts

New! Switlik CPR Coastal Passage Aviation Raft w/ TSO-C70a Type II Approval 

The CPR is the commercial version of the raft designed for and adopted by the U.S. Coast Guard for their Helicopter Operations. This professional grade life raft is now availble for general aviation. Catering to both the fixed and rotary wing aircraft, the CPR is TSO-C70a Type II approved. Five year re-certification on Switlik TSO Life Rafts.

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