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Aviation Survival Technologies is a leading purveyor of aviation safety gear including light-weight general aviation life rafts, corporate aviation TSO life rafts, aviation constant wear life vests, survival kits, and electronic signals. 
Aviation Survival Technologies also provides life raft survival training for Corporate and General Aviation Pilots.




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Who do you buy your life support equipment from?

Hello, my name is Randy Boone and I am a retired U.S. Coast Guard Senior Chief Aviation Survivalman (ASMCS). As a life support equipment technician, I was tasked with inspection and repairs of all CG aviation survival and rescue gear, including aerial delivery systems, life vests, life rafts, and aircraft floatation systems.

As a SAR crew member on three aircraft types at four of the largest USCG air stations, I have searched for many PIWs. I know first hand how important it is to have effective signals that work. That's why all of my survival kits are enhanced with multiple signaling components that will get you found fast. After all, that's your objective, right?

When purchasing lifesaving equipment, it is important to know what life support equipment you need when flying over water. This is my area of expertise! Before you purchase your emergency gear from someone who knows very little about survival equipment, why not give me a call and let's make sure that you are purchasing the best survival equipment for your flying area. You do not want to end up in a non-canopied, single tubed life raft in offshore waters. Apparently many of my competitors do not know this.

Not only do I sell life support equipment, I love to show you how it works. Join me at one of my over water survival classes either here in Mobile Alabama, or at an area near you. Great for Safety Fly-Ins, Seminars, Sun & Fun / Oshkosh group gatherings, Flying Clubs, Yacht Clubs, and Families.

Randy  251-639-9354




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