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Aviation Survival Technologies is a leading purveyor of aviation and marine safety gear, including light-weight general aviation life rafts, corporate aircraft (TSO) life rafts, marine USCG/SOLAS life rafts, aviation/marine life vests, and more.

With twenty-three years of search and rescue experience as a U.S. Coast Guard crew member on three aircraft types, a Aviation Life Support Technician (Rescue & Survival), and U.S. Coast Guard Survival Instructor, Randy can help you choose what life support equipment is right for you.


 Flying Solo?

Switlik Inflatable Single Place Life Raft ISPLR

Also Available In A Belt Pack

Switlik ISPLR-4 Inflatable Single-Person Liferaft Hermetically Sealed in a Belt-Pack (6.2 lbs.)isplr-hero




My Number One Selling Winslow Life Raft

The Winslow Ultra-Light Offshore Life Raft


Winslow Liferafts have been rated #1 in every test conducted by The Aviation Consumer, a critically acclaimed publication, since 1994 when they conducted the first ever exhaustive testing and review of aviation life rafts.  “The Winslow Liferaft is our first choice… by a large margin.”

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40ULO Four Person

60ULO Six Person

80ULO Eight Person




What You Have On You Is What You Will Have With You



The Switlik Aviation X-Back Basic Life Vest has two large pockets

to carry personal items, emergency signals, and survival equipment. Don't get caught empty handed!


Free Shipping

On Two Or More Switlik Aviation Life Vests





Single Place Life Rafts  

Multi-Place G.A. Life Rafts   

TSO Part 135 Life Rafts

Marine / Coastal / Offshore / USCG / SOLAS

Aviation Life Vests

Aviation Survival Kits (Clearance Sale)

Cold Water Immersion Wear

VHF Radios (Clearance Sale)

Personal Locator Beacons

First-Aid Kits 




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