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Aviation & Marine Survival Technologies is a leading purveyor of aviation and marine safety gear, including light-weight general aviation life rafts, corporate aircraft (TSO) life rafts, marine USCG/SOLAS life rafts, aviation and marine life vests, and more.

With twenty-three years of search and rescue experience, Senior Chief Randy Boone (USCG Retired) can help you choose what life support equipment is right for you, your aircraft, and your flying area. When you call, you will talk to Randy.



Single Place Life Rafts  

Multi-Place G.A. Life Rafts   

TSO Part 135 Life Rafts

Marine / Coastal / Offshore / USCG / SOLAS

Aviation Life Vests

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Cold Water Immersion Wear

VHF Radios (Clearance Sale)

Personal Locator Beacons

First-Aid Kits 

HEED3 Spare-Air


Life Raft Survival Training



When purchasing lifesaving equipment, it is important to know what life support equipment you need to carry in your aircraft. Especially when flying to areas such as Alaska, the Trans-Atlantic route, the lakes, the Bahamas, or any areas over water. This is my area of expertise! Give me a call and let's make sure that you are purchasing the most reliable survival equipment available at the best price for your aircraft.  

Not only am I a purveyor of life support equipment, I would love to show you how it works! Join me at one of my over water survival classes either here in Mobile Alabama, or at an area near you. Great for Safety Fly-Ins, Seminars, Sun & Fun / Oshkosh group gatherings, Flying Clubs, orYacht Clubs.

I train with Winslow, Revere, and Switlik Life Rafts.



"The class was an eye opener.  I had not previously appreciated many of the challenges involved in deploying a raft after ditching, boarding a raft from the water, being found by searchers and surviving a rescue.  Experiencing first-hand getting into the raft (even if only in a pool), and hearing Randy share his very practical suggestions for how to increase the chances of survival, made the investment worthwhile.  My friends and I obtained a measure of confidence that I believe will prove invaluable should we ever need to put those skills and knowledge to use.  Highly recommended!"

Adam Broome
Chapel Hill, North Carolina



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