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Aviation Survival Technologies is a leading purveyor of aviation and marine safety gear, including light-weight General Aviation life rafts, Corporate Aviation (Part 91-121 and Part 135) life rafts, marine recreational, USCG/SOLAS A/B life rafts, aviation/marine life vests, and more.

With twenty-three years of search and rescue experience as a U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Survivalman, a USCG aircrew member on three aircraft types,  Senior Chief Randy Boone can help you choose what life support equipment is right for you and your areas of travel.


"It's always refreshing to order survival equipment from Randy at Aviation Survival Technologies.  He's always steered me and my company, Windward Aviation in the right direction to exactly meet our needs for survival equipment and the limitations we must overcome in the small aircraft ferrying environment". Robin Leabman, Captain at Trans-Exec.

"All the equipment arrived in good order, professionally packaged, and will provide many safe flights around the Great Lakes where we live. After many hours of looking at various places to get the equipment needed for safe flight – Aviation Survival Technologies is the “GO TO” place to get what you want, great friendly service, expert advice, and competitive prices". Jeffrey P.Kramer





Switlik's ALL PAX Aviation Life Vest

Sized For Junior Pilots 35 + lbs., Up To A Full Sized Adult!

           One Size Fits All (With Simple Belt Adjustments)


                                 NEW! Switlik All-Pax Life Vest w/ Child To Adult Size Adjustment                                                                                         ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                              

My Number One Selling Winslow Life Raft!

The Winslow Ultra-Light Offshore Life Raft is packed with features that makes this life raft a perfect shelter for over-water flyers and boaters!

  • Twin tubed for higher freeboard and redundancy
  • Inflated canopy w/ tri-arch support system
  • Inflatable floor for hypothermia protection
  • Survival Equipment Package w/ red laser flare
  • Extra large pentagonal ballast system for stability
  • Vacuum Packed for three year service schedule 

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40ULO Four Person 32 lbs.

60ULO Six Person 36 lbs.

80ULO Eight Person 40 lbs.






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