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SALE! Switlik ISPLR-5 (Brick Shaped) Inflatable Single Place Life Raft w/ Inflatable Floor, Hermetically Sealed (6 lbs.)

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Just a few changes to the round ISPLR Pack and you now have the rectangular "Brick"shaped ISPLR. The "Brick" Shaped ISPLR is perfect for placing in tight-to-get areas, and because it's flat on all four sides, it does not roll around in it's stowage area (4.25"H x 14"L x 6.25"W) 6 lbs.

This life raft includes an inflatable floor for added protection against hypothermia.

Note: Water temperature less than 70 degrees can be deadly.

Note: For extreme cold water operations, it is recommended that an immersion suit be worn in conjunction with this, or any other life raft.

Switlik's ISPLR brings advance military design and mission-proven durability to a single place life raft available to aviators who are serious about their personal lifesaving equipment.

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See Video: How to inflate and board the Switlik ISPLR

See video of an ISPLR being used in a ditching of a Cirrus aircraft

Note: Some Airlines will allow this ISPLR to ship and some do not. To ship in the mail or carry on the (un-informed) airlines, simply remove the two CO2 cylinders and it's ready to go!

Replacement ISPLR CO2 cylinders can be purchased at Aviation Survival Technologies.


The U.S. Coast Guard purchases the ISPLR

Switlik Parachute Company, Inc. of Trenton, New Jersey, recently announced their success in winning a United States Coast Guard contract to provide its Inflatable Single Place Life Raft (ISPLR) to their aviation Rescue Swimmers.

The ISPLR has a fully reversible buoyancy tube and canopy system. The low slung floor enhances seating comfort and stability, while the pressure-relieving U-shape design adds functionality in high heat flight operations. The light weight ISPLR is now available to commercial aviators in high visibility yellow/orange – configured in either a low profile belt pack or compact carry-on valise.

The U-shaped design allows the raft to be fully reversible, allowing quick, easy entry from the water whichever side is up. With the sea anchor deployed, the ISPLR is designed to float facing downwind, allowing the canopy to remain unzipped except during extreme weather conditions.

The low slung floor design w/ inflatable floor allows seating at a slight recline, lowering the center of gravity well below the waterline, increasing stability while providing insulation for warmth, and a full back and arm support for added comfort.

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