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When it comes to *rescue gear*, *inflatable life rafts* are one of the most valuable items you can have on board your aircraft or boat. *Revere life rafts* are some of the lightest and most compact *life rafts for sale*, saving space without sacrificing quality and reliability. The ideal *aviation safety gear*, the Aero Compact series offers a superior level of safety with minimal bulk for over-water flights. These lightweight *life rafts* allow for easy deployment, while their compact size makes stowage simple and convenient, even in the smallest of areas.

All Revere Aero Compact life rafts (except 2 person models) are available with optional canopies for greater warmth and protection along with other *survival items* such as a sea anchor, raft knife, ballast bags and more. When it comes to aircraft or *boat safety equipment*, *Revere life rafts* are the perfect protection and can easily be stowed away in tight quarters while still providing superior support and security when it’s needed the most. Don’t leave home without a life raft you know you can trust. AST only offers the best in safety equipment.




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