Aviation Survival Equipment
Surivival Kits, First Aid, Emergency Communications and Immersion Wear

Aviation Survival Technologies Survival Kits, First Aid Kits, Survival Communication, and Survival Clothing

Aviation Survival Technologies Survival Kits are unique in that they not only provide components that sustain life, but they have an emphasis on signaling. After all, you don't want long term survival in a "in the water" scenario. 

AST assembles the best Aviation and Pilot Safety Equipment and flight safety supplies on the market today. Each kit is hand assembled by Randy Boone. As a retired USCG Aviation Survivalman, Randy has spent thousands of hours on U.S. Coast Guard aircraft searching for persons in the water. He uses his expertise to design his kits with effective signals that get you found fast.

Each Aviation Survival Kit features the most vital life saving equipment for pilots in a survival situation. We design our kits especially designed for pilots, but we also assemble custom life saving survival kits for other individuals upon request.


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