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Well I've always said, I will teach people how to climb into a life raft as long as I can do it. Well, it's come to that time when my body says no.

Aviation Survival Technologies will no longer conduct 'In The Water" training. Video to follow soon.


As a Aviation Survivalman with the U.S. Coast Guard, it was my responsibility to instruct survival training for the Coast Guard Air Stations that I was assigned to. This training included land and water survival training (annual), shallow water egress training (SWET) (annual), and aircraft egress training (bi-annual).

With over thirty-five years of training experience between U.S. Coast Guard personal, Corporate, and General Aviation (G.A.) fliers, I have gained the experience and expertise necessary show you how to survive after a land or water ditching. My training is designed to show you methods for preparation and methods of action. I will demonstrate these methods, and then allow you to perform them. Cognitive learning is a very powerful tool when faced with a traumatic event such as a ditching. 

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In my class, you will learn how to recognize the on-set of a survival situation and how to take the steps necessary to change the outcome.

You will learn:

  • How to prepare for ditching and how to broadcast your emergency to others
  • How and where to stow your survival gear so that it is available and ready to go out the door with you.
  • How to perform an effective ten minute egress drill prior to flight over water.
  • How to recognize a domino drop in the chain of events leading to a survival scenario and how to change the outcome.
  • How to properly don and utilize a floatation vest to slow the onset of hypothermia (before entering the aircraft).
  • How to deploy and board a life raft from the aircraft frame or from the water.
  • How to deploy effective signals that get you found now.
  • How to recognize the dangers of hypothermia (even in "warm water" areas), and how to take steps to slow the loss of body heat.
  • How to be rescued by military rescue swimmers or by boats and ships.
  • How to go home safely to your family and say, "And there I was"..



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