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"Aviation Survival Technologies offers the ideal overwater kit!" (The Aviation Consumer, March 2006)

"If you don't have it on you, you won't have it with you". It is statistically proven that in a traumatic situation such as a water ditching, your number one objective is to escape or egress from the sinking aircraft. Statistics show that the chances that you will start fumbling around the interior of a ditched aircraft to grab survival equipment is very unlikely. Because my kits are designed to be worn, they will be with you once you enter the water.

Let's face it, If they don't find you, you're going to stay!

With thousands of hours in the search window of U.S. Coast Guard aircraft, I know first hand what signaling items will get you found fast. I also know that without signaling equipment, your chances of being spotted by rescue aircraft or surface vessels is nearly impossible.

 Order your AST Overwater Survival Pouch or AST Lifevest Signal Kit today!

                   AST Overwater Survival Pouch w/AMK 1.0 First-Aid Kit            AST Deluxe Signal Kit w/ ACR ResQLink PLB w/GPS/Real Time Tracking/Strobe Light in Molle Case

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 Winslow FAA Approved Aviation Life Rafts  

 WINSLOW™ has been rated #1 in every test conducted by The Aviation Consumer since 1994 when the brutally critical publication conducted the first ever exhaustive testing and review of aviation life rafts. Their conclusion, "The WINSLOW is our first choice...by a large margin."

SPECIAL!  Winslow Aviation Ultra-Light Offshore Plus Liferafts!                          Order Today For Free Shipping!

The 40ULO Plus Liferaft boasts twin tubes for a higher freeboard, a tri-arch supported canopy, an insulated floor, and weighs only 33 pounds! (9.5" x 14" x 24") vacuum packed in valise case. (Also available in a Hardpack or a Pelican Case for extra protection and carrying).   




 Introducing the Switlik ISPLR-18 (single place) Liferaft with Inflatable Floor!

Perfect for the LSA Pilot, Solo Pilot, or Ferry Pilot!

The Switlik ISPLR-18 includes a fully enclosed canopy to preserve body heat, an inflatable floor to protect you from cold water conduction, and comes in a compact (12" x 7") round soft case weighing in at only 6.5 pounds!

The two 75 gram CO2 cylinders can be easily removed, making this the only liferaft that you can ship or carry on commercial airlines!

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 Water Survival Classes are Forming!

Come join us for a day of adventure and learning! If you have never climbed into a liferaft, now is the time to do it!

Next Class To Be Announced:

1. Classes start at 1000 and end at aprox.1400. This gives you time to arrive in the morning and have a flight plan out early in the day. No overnight lodging required, unless you want to stay and visit the wonderful city of Mobile and surrounding areas.

2. Catered lunch will be provided to each participant.

3. AST will pick you up at the MOB F.B.O. and return you to your aircraft when training is complete.

$69.00 Single Or $125.00 per Couple

Click Here to see class outline.

Call (202) 555-0884 or e-mail me at info@astoverwater.com to sign up.

Thanks again for your presentation of “Survival in Florida” on Saturday, August 4, 2012 at Showalter Flying Services in Orlando at our Annual Corporate Safety Seminar. Your pool demonstration of the proper use of life jackets and raft during a survival situation at the Marriott Courtyard pool reception on Friday evening was outstanding and folks will be talking about it for years.

Obie S. Young, President, National Air Safety Foundation


Got a Boat? I carry many boating safety supplies including: Electronics, Immersion Suits, Lifevests, Work PFDs, and Liferafts manufactured by: Winslow, Viking, Revere, Survitec (CG/SOLAS A/B), Switlik, & Elliot (CG/SOLAS A/B) Liferafts.






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