Winslow Aviation Life rafts  

WINSLOW™ has been rated #1 in every test conducted by The Aviation Consumer since 1994 when the brutally critical publication conducted the first ever exhaustive testing and review of aviation life rafts. Their conclusion, "The WINSLOW is our first choice...by a large margin."

Recommended re-certification every three years on Winslow's Ultima Wrap vacuumed sealed liferafts!

My price match policy: I will match any competitor's posted price for same item with same features.


Winslow StoreSafe Pockets (3 each)
Orig.: $89.00
Sale: $80.00
Canopy Mounted ACR Firefly Strobe-Light
Orig.: $158.00
Sale: $150.00

There are many considerations when purchasing a liferaft. If you have any questions about which liferaft best fits your needs for your flying environment, or what options are available, give me a call. When you call, you will talk to me.

(202) 555-0884


I have been shopping for a liferaft for over two years.  Yeah I know, that sounds ridiculous, but its the truth.  There are so many different raft manufacturers out there and everyone believes that their raft is the best.  On top of that, there are WAY to many options that most people can't even explain the purpose for.  The main thing that I really didn't like was that I was having trouble finding someone that was knowledgeable about all the rafts and didn't have a biased opinion about one.  When I found Randy, I found exactly what I was looking for.  He was knowledgeable about the rafts on the market and supplied the material I needed to make a educated decision on my purchase.  Not to mention the best prices I could find anywhere and the great one on one customer service you need when purchasing something of this nature. 

Thanks again Randy!  Clayton Ludington, Central California 





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